Is there an area of your life or business where you could apply greater Consistency?

I was coaching one of my clients who recently came to me to help them increase thier income. One of thier complaints was that, in the past, they would work really hard for a period and make a chunk of good money and coast for a time. Soon they realized they had to start hustling again and circumstances would push them to bust a move to generate another chunk of money. This pattern was creating great stress for my client.

I asked this client how they might apply the principle of consistency to their earning- specifically with regard to thier generating income. They quickly saw that in order to create the financial results they wanted, they would have to be more consistent in the steps that generated revenue in thier business. Rather than making sales calls in a fury at the end of the month, they clarified how many conversations they would need to have throughout the entire month and broke them up over a 30 day period and methodically moved forward with a more consistent strategy.

The result? They dramatically increased both thier income and success. When they shared the good news of thier success with me, my first question was, “How are you going to keep this momentum moving forward?”

For many of  us, it can be easy to break our momentum by stopping and starting again. It can become a habit. But the challenge is training myself to keep moving, even if it’s a small step at a time. I find that when I utilize consistency as a principle, I create a healthy rythm of action that has me producing the results and experiences that I’m committed to. Not only is it productive, it’s sustainable.

What’s one area of your life or business that that would serve you to increase your consistency?

What might occur for you if you increased your consistency in this specific area?

This week, I invite you to increase your consistency in that one area and identify one action that will support you. After you take that action, I’d love to know what occurs for you.

To your consistent success,


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