“A house divided will surely fall…”

~Ancient saying

Ever struggle with making decisions? I hear from a lot of people that decisions are tough. I used to exemplify that comment. My past is littered with tension-filled moments of me flip flopping between choices for fear I’d make the wrong decision. Can you relate?

I was on continental divide the other day near Aspen, Colorado. The continental divide is a high range of mountains that run through the middle of the country which divides the continental US into two parts: East and West. There’s no middle ground on the “divide.” Pour a glass of water on the divide and it will go one of two places… east or west. If it falls to the East side of the divide, it will (in theory) eventually pour into the Atlantic ocean. If it falls to the West of the divide, it will end up in the Pacific. Wouldn’t it be great if our decisions could be that simple? I know now they can be.

By clarifying what I want to create in any area of my life, decisions are very simple. If I’m considering a decision, I like to ask this question: “Does this action or thought support what I want?” If the answer is yes, I do it. If it’s no, I don’t. Simple. Like the divide.

Let’s say you want to generate 2 new clients in the next 30 days. That’s clear. You might come up with a list of 20 things you might do to accomplish this. How would you know if each/any of those were a good choice to act on? Take each one and ask, “Will this action or thought help me reach my goal?”

A few minutes ago I didn’t know what I was going to do to serve more people through my business. I got the idea to write a blog post. I asked the question, “Will this action bring me closer to my goal?” The answer was yes and here we are.

Be like the divide. East or west? Does this help or hinder? Simple. Not only will your decision be clear, but so will your mind.

Have a clear and fantastic week!


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