Clear the funk

Recently someone asked me what I suggest they do to get “out of their funk.” From the sound of their voice, it was clear they were not speaking of great 70’s music. I have a very clear and generally fool-proof method to releasing a funky mood. That is to Serve somebody or make a difference, no matter how small.


In fact, today on my hike over lunch, I decided I would retest this defunktifying strategy as I hiked up the rocky cliffs above our Colorado home. I wondered how I could serve someone while being alone on a trail? about a mile in, I noticed an empty can on the side of the trail. Would picking up a small beer can qualify as serving someone or making a difference? I started having an inner debate if this was big enough. (by the way, this can be a convenient distraction when setting out to do this.) I picked it up.


The times in my life when I have felt funky, there has usually been an underlying thought I was holding (consciously or unconsciously) and that was “I don’t really make a difference” A.K.A. “I’m not enough.”  I think when most of us are in a funk, something has our attention and we’re distracted from our resilient, creative and valuable Selves. On some level we falsely think we are not enough. Serving reconnects us with our value and strength. We see that the world would NOT be the same if we were not here.


Look Mom, I picked up a piece of trash on my hike today!

I carried that can with me for over 3 miles and I carried it with pride. I could have crunched it an put it in my pocket, but I wanted to stay connected to the reason I was carrying it. I was making a difference. Now, I know I didn’t cure cancer or pull a kitten from a burning building. But that is not necessary to make a difference.


I may not have been in a “funk” when I started my hike, but I did feel a huge lift in my spirit as I hiked and eventually dropped that can in the recycling bin.


If you are in a funk or even if you are not, go out and serve somebody or serve something. Serve full out. No matter how seemingly insignificant- Make a difference, contribute. It will get you out of your head and all the things you think are wrong with you and get you into the value you have to share in the world. And, in my experience, that feels good.


This week. make a difference… and save the funk for your 8-track!

To your Prosperity!



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