Avoiding Stinks

Problems are like dead fish,They don’t get better with age.

-Jeff Patterson


As a kid, I spent summers at my grandparent’s lake cottage. When a fish washed upon the shore in front of their cabin, the stench grew by the minute.

The neighbor kids and I would walk around the fish. Pretty soon, we’d walk way around the fish and avoided the beach all together.

The best solution was always to burry the fish before the smell buried you. “Jeffries!” Grandpa Dave barked from the cabin porch. “Go bury that damned fish!”

I grabbed a shovel and pulled the neck of my t-shirt over my nose. I tried not to get too close. However, the situation required that I get close. Intimately close. I was avoiding the stench and didn’t want to be uncomfortable and get my hands dirty… yet the problem was getting worse by the minute.

A few short breaths as I tried not to swallow any flies that were buzzing the lifeless fish. I quickly dug a hole and stuffed the carcass in the ground and covered it. Done.

At the risk of beating a dead fish… Is there a problem that you could face right now? How about taking a few breaths, getting some help and getting it over with?

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