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What would you dare to do…
or die trying?

What would you dare to do . . . or Die Trying?

Does this question stop your breath and quicken your pulse?

If so, read on. Because this is the conversation I want to have with you. It has the power to change everything.

I am inviting you not only to answer this question, but to pursue the answer. To take on the climb of your life. A climb that will inspire you to risk everything and feel more radically alive than you’ve ever known. The climb of your life is a climb toward something big. I’m talking about that thing. The BIG THING. The big thing is more than just a goal. It’s a mountaintop—that thing you know you must do before this life is over. It calls you from the shadows, defying you to touch it. It will scare you because it’s bigger than you. It will require you to become someone more than who you currently are and go beyond what you think is possible.

So I ask you, what would you dare to do…or die trying?

If you want to know the answer to this question and then actually dare to do it, I am here to lead you on the climb of your life. And not just lead you, but climb with you until you summit.

Come on.

I dare you.



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“I have always set large ambitious goals and worked hard to achieve them, and by many measures, I have known success and enjoyed incredible life experiences in my life. In the course of a year working with Jeff, we have accelerated and expanded upon these successes. We created huge business growth, increased energy, expanded time off and a year packed with incredible experiences. It is almost difficult to comprehend the growth created in 12 months and even more exciting is what is envisioned for this coming year. Thank you for helping me to get clear on what I want to create in my life and helping me to own myself as a C.E.O and leader.”

~Ants Cullwick, CEO of Koru Ltd.

My work with Jeff has centered around consciously creating the circumstances of my life while focusing on an ambitious vision and living within the integrity of my values. In 6 months, I’ve reinvented many areas of myself including my job, my relationships, and my passions. Jeff has a presence that provokes insight, inspiration, and ambition. My work with him cannot be quantified as the value of defining oneself and creating an ‘examined’ life is infinite. His unwavering optimism continuously inspires me to ‘stop playing small.’

~Johann Aberger
Coordinator, Experiential Development Program

Colorado Mountain College

I ended my first conversation with Jeff saying, “I’m not sure yet whether I need to work with you for a whole year, but I AM sure I don’t want to hang up the phone!” That was six months ago. Today, as then, Jeff’s impeccable commitment to serving is delivered up as a sublime blend of spot-on listener, reflector and fierce believer in the emerging me. His coaching—sometimes gentle, sometimes provocative, always patient–has unerringly helped me uncover self-limiting beliefs and habits and replace them with an all-out commitment to choose and act, step by step, to consciously create the life I want. I am literally changing the way I choose—it’s big. This good man is worthy of my trust…and yours.

~Kathy “RubyGold” Morter

Jeff Patterson’s work as a life coach/mentor/best friend is powerful beyond measure. In less than a year working together, Jeff inspired me to transform my passion of helping global leaders, CEOs, and organizational leaders to learn techniques and practices of “inner awareness,” and emotional intelligence. With Jeff’s inspiration, wisdom and guidance, we hosted our first event, “Transforming the Inner Landscape,” at one of the world’s most renowned leadership training organizations, The Aspen Institute. He is a master at helping me discover my unlimited potential and my ability to create magical relationships with myself, my family and the many whom I’m blessed to meet along this remarkable journey.

~Tara M. Sheahan – Founder, Conscious Global Leadership Institute


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