“I have  always set large ambitious goals and worked hard to achieve them, and by many measures, I have known success and enjoyed incredible life experiences in my life. In the course of a year working with Jeff, we have accelerated and expanded upon these successes. We created huge business growth, increased energy, expanded time off and a year packed with incredible experiences. It is almost difficult to comprehend the growth created in 12 months and even more exciting is what is envisioned for this coming year. Thank you for helping me to get clear on what I want to create in my life and helping me to own myself as a C.E.O and leader.”

-Ants Cullwick
C.E.O. Koru, Ltd.

Jeff Patterson’s work as a life coach/mentor/best friend is powerful beyond measure.  In less than a year working together, Jeff inspired me to transform my passion of helping global leaders, CEOs, and organizational leaders to learn techniques and practices of “inner awareness,”  and emotional intelligence. With Jeff’s inspiration, wisdom and guidance, we hosted our first event, “Transforming the Inner Landscape,” at one of the world’s most renowned  leadership training organizations, The Aspen Institute.  He is a master at helping me discover my unlimited potential and my ability to create magical relationships with myself, my family and the many whom I’m blessed to meet along this remarkable journey.

~Tara M. Sheahan – Founder, Conscious Global Leadership Institute

“Working with Jeff is about creating fundamental shifts in the way you interact with the world that fundamentally increases your effectiveness and improves the way you feel about yourself. Jeff drove me to the core questions I needed to answer – the difficult questions that are very hard to define on your own – but critical to breaking through longstanding barriers in your life. I’m still far from perfect but I have much better idea of how I need to be to reach my goals and most importantly my maximum potential. In my case, during the time I worked with Jeff, I truly became more effective at my job and accepted a long sought after promotion to a senior position within my company.”

-Jay Lambiotte
Chief Financial Officer Denver at East West Partners

My work with Jeff has centered around consciously creating the circumstances of my life while focusing on an ambitious vision and living within the integrity of my values. In 6 months, I’ve reinvented many areas of myself including my job, my relationships, and my passions. Jeff has a presence that provokes insight, inspiration, and ambition. My work with him cannot be quantified as the value of defining oneself and creating an ‘examined’ life is infinite. His unwavering optimism continuously inspires me to ‘stop playing small.’

~Johann Aberger
Coordinator, Experiential Development Program Colorado Mountain College

I ended my first conversation with Jeff saying, “I’m not sure yet whether I need to work with you for a whole year, but I AM sure I don’t want to hang up the phone!” That was six months ago. Today, as then, Jeff’s impeccable commitment to serving is delivered up as a sublime blend of spot-on listener, reflector and fierce believer in the emerging me. His coaching—sometimes gentle, sometimes provocative, always patient–has unerringly helped me uncover self-limiting beliefs and habits and replace them with an all-out commitment to choose and act, step by step, to consciously create the life I want. I am literally changing the way I choose—it’s big. This good man is worthy of my trust…and yours.

~Kathy “RubyGold” Morter

In one session, Jeff opened my eyes to the possibility of how high I can perform when I have him in my corner. I recommend him highly for anyone who wants to take their life or their business to the next level.

~Elizabeth Jarosz
The Apprentice 2
The Elizabeth Show

I am significantly more myself, radically more alive and contributing far more to the planet because Jeff is my coach.  He models deep self love and acceptance.  His commitment to himself, his life and his work inspires my commitments.  His passion, humility, openness, love, honesty, attention and devotion provide an amazing environment in which to create all that I am here to create.  Jeff, I love you, man. Thank you for loving me and for your fierce commitment to me and my transformation.

~Ann Strong

Jeff Patterson is the most empowering life coach I’ve ever worked with! I achieved more personal growth and transformation in the 2 months working Jeff than I have in the past 3 years since my divorce. Throughout my coaching partnership with Jeff I felt heard and understood – his caring support and enthusiastic encouragement helped me to experience who I truly am – a wise, strong, self confident and loving person who is capable of achieving any goal I set. Committing to Seed Coaching was a commitment to me and new ways of being. I can’t think of a better return for my investment. In just 8 weeks I have entered into a loving committed relationship, accelerated my personal growth, improved the quality of my life and uncovered a mountain of self confidence to make powerful changes in my career. I know I will continue to work with Jeff during the important times in my life when I need to uncover and discover the magnificent me!

~Deborah Clemente

Business Owner,

Thank you for always finding what I do well. Thank you for always reflecting back to me what I might overlook or downplay in myself. Thank you for your unbridled “cheerleading” of me and my incremental successes. I have experienced several breakthroughs in our sessions together. . . Thank you for your enthusiasm, integrity and high level of consciousness. You contain within you the seeds of greatness, of power, of compassion and of Divine Love. Anyone in your sphere cannot help but be cross-pollinated by these qualities that radiate from you. . . I love having you in my corner, Jeff and I am extremely grateful for your appearance in my life–at just the right time.

~Karen Turner, Life Coach, Empowered Life Solutions

Jeff, thank YOU so VERY much for your powerful coaching! I deeply heard you and the shifts and transformation that occurred in me from your coaching have created miracles in my life. I showed up as the amazing transformational coach that I already am, and as a result, enrolled 3 clients gracefully. Thank you for your insights into my “deserving to be heard” – this shift and alignment was a huge catalyst of finally giving myself permission to sing and coach with singing!

Thank you for seeing through to my truth and holding the vision of the “Real me” until I was able to see it and embrace it myself. The space of unconditional acceptance and love that you held for me has created miracles and a facilitated a core shift from trying to make things happen and prove I had value to relaxing into the love and gift that I already am and creating from my heart and Spirit. Thank you.

~Julie Blake

I thought I was passionate before……You have ignited something in me that goes so deep and is aligned with my true purpose. No one ever gave me permission (not that I needed it) to NOT be motivated by money. You helped me to connect with how the idea of money works in my vision for humanity.

You helped me SEE the steps in front of me. I am honored to know you and grateful that the Universe has put you in my path!

~Beverly Barber

RN, BSN – One Source Consulting, Inc.

I’ve only been working with Jeff Patterson for a month and I’m already seeing some incredible breakthroughs in my life.  Most notably in the area of living with INTEGRITY.  In our first session together, Jeff could sense a “leak in my boat” and gently nudged me to explore how I was falling short in this area.  I’m looking forward to our journey together this year.

~Bob Naegele

After just an hour long session with Jeff, he helped me align my inner purpose and set my sights clearly on the target I needed to aim for.  I had a clear vision of exactly where I wanted to go and the pathway seemed to be already blazed in front of me.  I appreciate all of the guidance that you provided me.  With a small push of encouragement from you I managed to turned my entire financial status completely around.  When I initially spoke with you I was buried in $2000 in credit card debt and within a 2 week time frame I had put $4000 in my checking account.  I would highly recommend anyone who feels they have fell off track in their life to step up to the plate and have a one on one session with Jeff himself so he can help you too get back up into the drivers seat of your life.  Thank you so much Jeff.

Thank you,

~Jeremy Fremont